Watch This Space!

It’s been a while, I know. The Batch Club is making a comeback, however, so you come back, too. Within the next few days we’ll be up and running with a new monthly batch for your perusal. All the cartoons you see on the site are available as high-quality prints and originals. (If an original has already been sold, you can order a re-drawn version.) Looking forward to hearing from you!


Happy Maydays!

Here’s another batch of ten cartoons for you to view and, if you wish, vote for. Last month’s big winner is “Hell Hotdogs”. That cartoon will be available for half-price through the Batch Club. Just drop me an email at, and we can discuss!

Meanwhile, all the cartoons from all of the previous monthly galleries are available as prints, originals, or original copies.

Enjoy the Spring weather wherever you are. (I understand Anchorage is lovely this time of year.)


April Fools

Time for another monthly batch. Check them out and vote again for your favorites.

Last month’s winner is “Breakfast Wine”. It’s available as a print at half-price. Just let me know at and we’ll send it along…




Gee, it seems like February still… Oh, I see I’ve uploaded the March batch a day early. Oh, well, what’s a measly 24 hours in the timeless world of the cartoon mind. Enjoy them now or next month or even many months later. They’ll still be here, waiting for you at

Last month’s winner, which was voted best of the month by my faithful Batch-Clubbers, was “Early Retirement”. (Bernie, Hillary, and Donald weren’t on the ballot.) Thanks for voting and/or looking. “Early Retirement” will now join the previous months winners and be available as a high quality, signed and numbered print at half-price ($50) from the Batch Club.

(Check the previous post about how to purchase prints and originals.)


Away we go…

Good response from my test-group for the December Batch. Thanks to you all! Each of you who participated will be getting a free print of your choice within a week or so. The Big Winner for December turned out to be “Put down the fly-swatter, Ed…”, so a print of that one is now discounted at 50%, available for $50 here on the site.

090627BC-Put Down the Flyswatter

The first official monthly batch (January, 2016) is now up on the site, as you may have already noticed. Batches will be coming along on the 15th of every month. Be sure to vote for your favorites!

Feel free to comment via this site or to my email:

I’ll be posting here from time to time, so check back to see if there’s any big news!

Many Thanks!


Vote For Your Favorite Cartoon

Check out the Batch Club website each month to see a new batch of cartoons, then, if you like, vote for your favorites. Click “View 10 Cartoons”, then click on each cartoon to see the rating bar underneath the drawing. The cartoon that gets the most votes becomes the Best of Batch for that month, then goes on sale as a print at the Batch Club store at a discount.