Welcome to The Batch Club!

As some of you know, I draw ten cartoon ideas every week and send them to The New Yorker, which selects the ones they want to publish. The ones selected are referred to as “OKs”, and are eventually published in the magazine. Periodically, I’ve shown my weekly batches to friends and cohorts to get a feel for what they think before I send the drawings off to New York. It’s always a surprise to find out what makes each of my friends laugh at a given cartoon. The results vary a lot from person to person.There are a lot of variables, including someone’s mood at that particular moment, or a predilection to laugh at certain things, like dog or cat cartoons.

Not long ago it occurred to me that I could expand the idea of showing my work to others. I decided to try something I’m calling The Batch Club. The idea is to post ten cartoons (a batch) every month on the Batch Club website. Each of you who decide you want to be included will look at the cartoons and  vote for your favorites. I’ll post the results each month. The cartoon that gets the most votes in a given month will be designated as that month’s OK and be featured on the Batch Club website. That month’s OK will also be available as a print to Club members at a discount from the usual price.

All the cartoons will be available for sale as high-quality prints, numbered and suitable for framing, shipped directly to you. The originals will also be available, as well as hand-drawn original copies. If you see something you’d like to purchase, as a high-quality print, original art, or a copy of the original art, let me know at mick@thebatchclub.com.

Prices for the prints are $100 including free shipping, Originals will sell for $1000.00, and hand-drawn Copies of Original Art are $500.00. All prints, originals, and copies are done on high-quality 8.5”x 11” acid-free paper. Hand-lettered dedications, greetings, or other short comments added to the print or drawing will also be available for a small additional fee, and the I’ll personally sign each individual piece.

1. Order a Print.

2. Order Copies of Original Art

3. Order Original Art

After you pay at PayPal, let me know which cartoon you want on the form on the bottom of this page.

Comments are also welcome on the Batch Club website or via the link there for Facebook.

(Note: Batch Club members are purchasing the original art or reproduction of a given drawing for display purposes only, and not the right to publish or reproduce the works. You will be asked to agree to the above before you purchase a print or drawing.)

Thanks for Looking!